What We Do


At Children Cancer Center, we made it our core mission to provide the crucial support that childhood cancer fighting families direly need—financially, socially and emotionally—through diagnosis, treatment, and all the way to psychological support.



  • Our duty at Children Cancer Center is helping cancer children in all aspects. We are here for all members of our community regardless of their race, faith or background.
  • We provide medical treatment and support for children who are battling cancer, especially those whose families are incapable of securing the treatment costs themselves.hqdefault
  • We cooperate with a large number of Lebanese and foreign hospitals and medical centers to provide cancer-stricken kids with the needed therapy.
  • We cover the difference of the treatment and medication costs for childhood cancer battling families who do not benefit from healthcare (national social security fund) and who rely on governmental financial aid. All medication shall be approved by the ministry of health and available in the Lebanese pharmaceutical market.
  • We cover the difference of the treatment and medication costs for children who benefit from healthcare (national social security fund).guatemalaantiguaguatemalacancercancerpediatricoayuvicarreraarcoirispediatriccancer2-314x200
  • Children undergo treatment either in Lebanon or in foreign countries.
  • Children Cancer Center investigates the child patient’s medical file before granting assistance by consulting one of the specialized doctors it deals with.
  • We also offer psychological support, thus assisting childhood cancer patients in adjusting to their new lives by boosting their self confidence, blending them with other children, enhancing their bond with their surrounding community, and keeping them far from depression and loneliness.

If your child needs us, contact us today and provide us with all the necessary details so that the Center examines the case and decides the needed action for help.